Thursday, September 24, 2009

Feature time at Speakeasy!

Two big 'ol reasons to join the cool kids at Will's Pub next week:

- Our feature poet, from the wilds of Delray Beach: Casandra Tanenbaum! A whirlwind of talent, Cass is the host of the Monthly slam at Dada and was the chief volunteer wrangler at this year's National Poetry Slam. The fact that this did not drive her screaming into a sports bar for a week-long drinking binge far away from flaky artsy folk is a testament to her stamina and patience. Her poetry? Well, her poetry's a testament to that. Come show her some beer-flavored Orlando love. You will not be disappointed.

- It's the last Speakeasy for two weeks! It's a fact - we'll have a Tuesday off on Oct. 6, returning on Oct. 13. Get ready to pack two weeks worth of jibber-jabber into a one week-sized bag.

That's Tuesday, Sept. 29, everybody. 9 p.m. blunt. See you there.