Sunday, November 2, 2014

Nov. 18: The Geriatric Edition (12 Year Anniversary!)

We're not much for nostalgia here at Orlando's oldest spoken word night. But let us give you a little perspective on exactly how old: Before Speakeasy, your humble host was just another class clown angling for a degree in scatology at his favorite poetry night - The Backroom Words. If you blow the dust off the old website for the Backroom Words (and we don't recommend you do; it's pretty spammy these days) you'll find this post from Nov. 18, 2002:

Your host, circa too early to think about.
Like a gangly teenager hitting puberty, the Backroom Words is going through all sorts of changes. After a couple of weeks off following the departure of the mighty Patrick Scott Barnes, the night will now be hosted by a skinny white guy. Foul play has been suspected, and fingers have been pointed at the KKK, NOW, and the Young Republicans. New host Tod Caviness was unavailable for comment, but has been spotted with a new wardrobe and several gold teeth.

12 years, you guys! Ouch. The gold teeth have long since rotted out, and the wardrobe ... well, that's pretty much the same. Let's celebrate this anniversary with our customary reverence by making fun of the elderly with a night dedicated to Old Age. Remember when them poems used to rhyme? When haikus were actually about nature? Pepperidge Farm remembers, and you can too as our writers give us a little of that old-timey verse and classy, classic prose.

Or just some rants about incontinence and diapers, like we usually do. Up to you.

Get off my lawn you whippersnappers, and down to Will's Pub at 9-ish pm on Tuesday, Nov. 18. Free like the internet used to be, and open to readers old and new.

- Tod