Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sept. 23: The Immature Edition

Useful info first: Speakeasy's a week late this month, so don't show up until Sept. 23 with your notebooks and whatnot. There's still plenty of reason for you to drop by Will's Pub in the meantime, but you'll need both hands for the drinking. Will's is celebrating a 19th anniversary this month, and they just needed the extra week to get some debauchery out of the way.

Which brings us to the theme. 19 years, huh? Mighty old for a bar, yet still not drinking age. Those of us who remember Will's Pub's original location have been chugging that beer like it was forbidden fruit for a long time, so let's commemorate that golden age when it actually was. For this September Speakeasy, our writers are invited to tackle Adolescence. Channel your inner Holden Caulfield and give us a little angst and a lot of hormones. Rage against authority, curfews and acne. Or, you know, write some poetry.

Sept. 23 at 9-ish pm, free as usual. Join us and don't be late, teen angels. We'll tell Mom you were at the movies.