Saturday, July 17, 2010

Team-Up week!

The advantages of attending the National Poetry Slam are manifold. A whole week of rad poetry. Radder poets. Booze. Honor. Glory. Booze. There's just one downside: It's expensive as a motherfucker.

Your host is a three year veteran of this little circus, and he hasn't forgotten about that part. So it is that he'll be inviting his teammates in the Orlando Slam Poetry Team to knock y'all out with their best poems next Tuesday. And they'll have copies of the exclusive 2010 team chapbook available for sale, so you can in turn knock us out with kindness. Come see Kendra Corrie, Curtis Meyer, Ronin, Shannon Kortbek and yours truly pull out the stops. Yes, there'll be a sign-up for the open mike as well. Admission free as always, but bring a little extra scratch if you'd like a chapbook. It's quality stuff, and helps a broke-ass team represent your burg.

9:30 pm! Tuesday July 20! Will's Pub!

And! If you've got any steam left that week, hop across the street to the Peacock Room on Thursday, July 22 at 9:30 pm for a Masquerade Ball benefit for Emotions Dance Company. Their next show in October is a "Poetry in Motion" collaboration with J. Bradley, Curtis Meyer and Tod Caviness. Screw suffering for art - give us purty gals dancing to our poetry! Get a preview of that sort of thing at the benefit show, featuring drinks, costumes, and spoken word by the aforementioned cool people.