Saturday, March 23, 2013

April 16: The Drunk(er) Edition

This is just so obvious, we had to save it. If there was ever a Speakeasy where we were going to have a Drinking theme, it would be this one. Your host, after all, has just returned from a trip to Ireland. His brain cells, however, may not.

Looks like it's up to the writers of Speakeasy to help revive them, then. Show up in April and give us stories and odes to your favorite balm of modern life. (No, not crack. Maybe next month.) Booze inspires and fortifies us through every night here at Will's. It's the reason we put up with each other and the reason the bartender puts up with us. Now it's time to give back. Belly up to the list and give us your best shot of bar talk, no chaser: Haiku about Hennessy. Villanelles about vodka. Tankas about Tanqueray. You get the idea.

Highball it out to Will's Pub on April 16 at 9-ish pm for what's sure to be the most liquoriffic Speakeasy on record. And as you regulars know, that's saying something.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 19: The No-Limits Edition

No, really. March 19! It's at Will's Pub at 9ish pm, and it will indeed have No Limits. How do I know? It will be guest-hosted by Trevor Fraser. You should go.

Your host? He's on honeymoon as you read this and shouldn't even be posting.

March 19!

Insert funny picture/caption here.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We're sketchy

But then, you knew that already. We were doubly so last month, however, and we're not just talking about Trevor Fraser's onstage request to "witness our lovemaking." No, we're talking about the fact that "Analog Artist Digital World" blogger Tom Thorspecken was in the audience. If you know Thor, you know that he's never far from his sketchbook, and sure enough, we got immortalized in that sucker. (For the second time, yet!)

Check out Thor's visual document of Speakeasy: The Crush Edition, over at Analog Artist Digital World.