Monday, June 27, 2011

July 19: The Karaoke Edition

Let's face it, y'all: Spoken word people are frustrated singers. Not many of us grew up bouncing on our bed, lip-syncing Gil Scott-Heron or Maggie Estep (not enough of us, anyway). So here we are, years later, no roadies or groupies ... but at least they're listening to the words. Right?

But let's put on our big boy pants and acknowledge the inspiration, shall we? For July, we're doing what all great musicians have done since before Elvis: Stealin'. Specifically, we're stealin' J. Bradley's gimmick and doing poems and stories about a song. See, J's working on a book where each poem is based on an Afghan Whigs song and ... what? J. Who? Get over here and get to know him, then come back. Try and keep up, people. Jeez.

Anyway, easy theme, right? Pick a song. Write a little something about what it means to you, where you were when you first heard it. Re-arrange/riff on/fuck up the lyrics. Sound like fun? Get on over to Will's Pub on July 19 at 9 p.m. to taste our musical fruits. (Cue fart noise.)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 21: The Housebroken Edition

Your host has never been a dog person. Or a cat person, or anything, really. I'm really more of an uncle about pets - I love other people's animals, and they seem to like me, but I've lived with enough roommate's critters to know they're an awfully expensive route to affection. Beats a strip club habit though, and at least they'll sleep with you afterward.

Still, animals can tell us a lot about ourselves. They're one of the few tangible examples of unconditional love (well, dogs are) and they're how a lot of people first learn about death (my first and only gerbil once crawled into my mini-billiards table and never came out, sob). And so it is that the theme for June is Pets. This is either going to be a particularly hilarious or heartbreaking Speakeasy; probably a little of both. You know how we do.

Bonus: For the second month in a row, we've got someone I think is going to be a mighty fine feature performer. Teacher and poet Robert Walker will be joining us for an extended set, riding high off the publication of "The Bouyancy of It All," his debut collection. His rockstar credentials are enhanced by the fact that he's bringing his brother along to back up his set on drums. Not bongos, you useless hippie. Real man-size drums. But hey, he already had us at "bouyancy." Need a little more convincing? Solid interview here with Walker, including some samples of his poetry.

So it's settled, then? 9 p.m.-ish this Tuesday, June 21? Splendid. We'll see you then.

- Tod