Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dec. 17: The Toasted Elephant Edition

It's December! That month where we take on entirely too much (debt, relatives, eggnog) and receive entirely too little ("A snuggie! Thanks, Mom. It matches my hair.").

Your favorite spoken word night is no exception. On Dec. 17, we give you not one but two reasons to join the boozebath at Will's Pub. First and foremost: The Toast-Off. That's right, drinky. We'll be holding a Toast-Off before the spoken word portion of the night, where brave and/or pickled writers, comedians and unsuspecting sots will be composing toasts to random subjects pulled out of a hat. You may remember this mix of improv, game show and poetry from the many times it's crashed the party at the Orlando Fringe Festival. Now see it back in its natural habitat.

After the smoke (and vomit) has cleared, it'll be the usual mess of spoken word open mike - with an extra incentive. Every reader who signs up on the list will receive a mystery book from our vast, colorful and frequently disappointing White Elephant pile. Wrap up an unwanted/inappropriate book and drop off your own under the tree, or just take advantage of the host's literary largesse.

And yes, it's all still free. We may be overachieving this month, but it's still Speakeasy. Drop on by at 9 pm Tuesday, Dec. 17 at Will's.