Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sept. 18: The Electoral Edition

You know what we hate here at Speakeasy, other than spiders? An election year. That magical season when finding a mortal enemy is as easy as spotting his bumper sticker. The out-of-context quotes! The fabricated drama! Makes you long for a good solid monarchy, doesn't it?

Camacho/Trump 2016.
We tell you this so you know just how hard we've tried to avoid the theme for September: Politics. That's right, my fellow Americans. We know it's right up there with chlamydia on the list of things you Do Not Discuss at a bar, but on this month, we're doing it onstage. Ever wanted to inflict your views on other people through a microphone, but just didn't have any delegates? Now's your chance! Writers, sign yourself up on the list and elect yourself grand poobah for a night (or at least five minutes of it). Together, we can restore a semblance of sobriety to this great nation of Will's Pub. Together, we can accomplish the improbable ... and make politics interesting.

Yeah, we know the chances. But hey, in a year of broken promises, what's one more? See you on Sept. 18 at Will's Pub, people. 9 p.m. blunt as usual.