Friday, February 7, 2014

Feb. 18: The Psychedelic Edition

Yes, we know. February. Love is everywhere, or at least you'd think so from the amount of pink being slathered all over the seasonal aisles at Target. Found someone to eat out with, or just eat out? Mazeltov, you lucky fool. For the rest of us, there's Drugs.

Drugs are the theme of this month's Speakeasy, and why has it taken us this long to get around to it? Hey, I'll be honest: I'm doing them right now. Coffee. Sugar. An especially hypnotic round of Plants vs. Zombies. Let's face it, smart guy. You may be a fool for love, but your brain is a big raging slut for even the most innocuous substance. Drop by Orlando's farthest-out open mike spoken word night and share a little vacation story about your favorite trip. First taste is free, baby.

And no, you're not stoned (as far as we know) - Speakeasy has shifted approximately 30 feet south lately. We'll be back in the cozy confines of Lil Indies on Feb. 18, right next door to Will's Pub. Time is, of course, an illusion, but it kicks off around "9 pm" as usual. We'll keep a third eye out for you.