Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Feb. 12: The Crush Edition

Valentine's Day. Why did it have to be Valentine's Day? It's so ripe for mockery, so rich with the kind of wide-eyed optimism that we've traditionally drowned with sake bombs here at Speakeasy.

And yet ... not only do we have no time to be clever (Speakeasy's early this month), your host is getting married. Can't we have nice things just this once? Towards that end, we offer up your theme for the month: The Secret Crush. Whether they're unavailable, unattainable or even fictional, we want to hear about them. Writers are invited to bring their stories and poems about that kindergarten hunk who stole your heart (and/or your woobie), or that cougar whose jungle you'd love to rumble through.

Did I mention we're early this month? We totally are. Got nothin' but love for you this Tuesday, Feb. 12 at 9 pm, at Will's Pub as always. Don't bring flowers, unless they're for the bartender.