Tuesday, June 23, 2015

July 21: The Final Edition

"Everything in life is just for awhile." - Philip K. Dick

"Poetry will not get you laid." - Step Aside Butch

12 years, 2 venues and 10,000 beers. Not a bad run. Orlando's oldest spoken word night goes out swinging with a self-aggrandizing screening of the Feedbag Films documentary "Speakeasy" (which chronicles the last time we tried to put this grey mare down). And yes, your words. Fuck a theme: We'll have the stage all to ourselves, one last time. Come be somebody.

9 pm, July 21 at Will's Pub.

Monday, June 8, 2015

June 16: The Slackass Edition

We're back! The Orlando Fringe Festival was clearly the better excuse to stay out drinking on a weeknight, so Speakeasy took the month of May off. Whaddaya gonna do, fire us?

But seriously, we're sorry. We assure you we're open (mike). And we're totally going to make it up to you in June. We're gonna try really really hard, and Tod promises to remember everybody's name when they sign up. We'll even clean the spiderwebs off the chairs before you sit in them

Actually, nah. That sounds like a lot of work. Let's keep this summer vacation rolling with the theme of Sloth for June 16. Writers, you're lazily encouraged to show up with rants against the 9-to-5, or hymns to the zen of slack. We guess you could interpret the theme as an excuse to recycle some old stories, but the usual penalties will apply. Which is to say the audience will fall asleep on you. Which is pretty appropriate.

Enough with the hard sell. Orlando's hardest-twerking open mike spoken word night begins at 9 pm sharp June 16 at Will's Pub, and we do mean sharp - DJ BMF's Soul Shakedown takes over at 11. Get up in it, then take Wednesday off. Life's too short to work hungover.