Friday, May 4, 2012

May 15: Your Mom's Edition

Fringe Festival approaching rapidly! No time to blog! But while I'm here, can we talk for a minute about your mom? She is quite a lady, your mom. Works awful hard, if you know what I mean. Yes indeed, your mom is a constant source of inspiration, and that's why the theme for May is Your Mom.

Obvious? Well, yeah. But it is her month, and let's face it - moms don't really go in for your fuzzy hipster irony. So suck it up, writers. This month, let's have some poems and stories dedicated to that most wonderful and tolerant woman in your life. Make your mom proud, and don't worry if she can't attend. I'll let her know how you did when I drop by.

And hey, did I mention this Fringe Festival thing? Recover quick from Speakeasy, because the Fringe is upon us that very week, from May 17-28. Of special interest to you as smart cookies:

Both are hosted by your less-than-heavenly host, Tod Caviness. You can also find him (uh, me), and some of your favorite Speakeasy regulars creating poetry for bucks and beer at the Poetry Vending Machine - look for it on the lawn during all hours of the festival.