Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jan. 15: The Reset Edition

Well, the yearly excuse has come and gone again. That chance to throw off the covers on New Year's Day like Superman whipping off his tie, standing proud in the pure light of a virgin morning. "No more!," you said to yourself while not masturbating. "This year, we make a brand new start!" Then you donated your porn CD's to the homeless on the way to work, punched out the boss and threw his secretary over your shoulder as you strode confidently toward your new life as a graffiti artist/session bongo player.

Since you totally did all that, Speakeasy's going to take it easy on you this month. Let's face it: Brand new starts are hard. For one thing, there's all the starting. So for January, the theme is Recycled Beginnings. Our writers are encouraged to give us a brand new story or poem ... using the first line of an already famous work of literature. How can this go wrong? You already have the sturdiest foundations of all time! It's just like your Mom always said - you can be anything you want to be, and so can your story. Just don't be like Hitler, OK? Although his book sold pretty well.

Merry New Year, good buddies. Shake off those hangovers and meet us Jan. 15 down at Will's Pub, 9ish pm as usual. We're resolving to start when you get there this year!