Thursday, August 7, 2014

Aug. 19: The Hawks & Doves Edition

We here at Speakeasy love to be recognized when Orlando goes around handing out imaginary prizes, but we're not the competitive sort. We're lovers, not fighters. Mostly. Actually, wait, we spend a lot of time talking about books, so not lovers. What's that other thing? Lazy. Yeah, that's us.

So in this hottest of months, let's get a little hot-blooded, shall we? For the August edition of Orlando's least political spoken word night, writers are invited to tackle the theme of War & Peace. That's two themes, of course, and in these days of crumbling borders and hardening opinions, you're bound to piss someone off no matter which one you pick. But hey, let's do it anyway. Take a stand on the ongoing conflicts of Israel vs. Palestine, Russia vs. Ukraine, Tom vs. Jerry. Worst case scenario: barfight, best case: world peace.

Here at Speakeasy, we didn't start the fire - but we're happy to throw some booze on it. See you at 9 pm Aug. 19 on the frontlines at Will's Pub.