Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Jan. 20: The Historical Edition

New year, new resolutions ... and for many of us, the same old mistakes. You Speakeasy regulars should know. Hell, some of you have been trying to pick up dates at a spoken word night for years. Silly monkeys.

Well, no more! Let's sally into 2015 with an educational look back. For January, the theme of the month is History. History, after all, is written by the winners - and the last time I checked, Will's Pub was chock full of winners. (Granted, I was checking the scoreboard on the pinball machine.) Old war stories. Limericks about the trail of tears. Poems about George Bush - hey, that hasn't been done before. Bring 'em all, and let's cushion the time travel with a couple beers. Hopefully some brain cells will survive to warn the rest of the tribe.

That's Will's Pub, 9 pm Tuesday, Jan. 20, a date that will live in flippancy. See you in the history books, y'all.