Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 17: The Playtime Edition

This just in from our researchers at Speakeasy Institute: Winning is not actually everything. Matter is composed of bajillions of tiny objects flying around, frequently bumping into bigger objects and exploding, or "losing," thereby delivering energy to the universe. Losers are filling the hungry bellies of winners in the jungles, or sinking into the earth to to be squeezed into the oil we need to more effectively operate our winning machines.

Long story short: Games are important, and that's why games are the subject of our Speakeasy for May. From Rock-paper-scissors to Call of Duty, Marco Polo to that thing we do where we pretend not to sell weapons to bad guys, everybody plays. Poets and writers are invited to sign up for the open mike and give their take on games and gamers of every rank and flavor. Level up on May 17 at Will's Pub (where else?) around 9 p.m. Free as usual.

Bonus plugs! Your harried host will be reading his short stories at the first ever edition of There Will Be Words on May 10 at Urban ReThink. And - 24 hours after this month's Speakeasy - it's the kickoff of the Orlando Fringe Festival, featuring Tod's Poetry Smackdown and a special edition of the Toast-Off on the outdoor stage. And be sure to drop by the Poetry Vending Machine, where plenty of Speakeasy regulars will be marinating in beer throughout the Festival.