Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 20: The Judgemental Edition

Open mikes ain't nothing but confession, you say? Well, it's certainly the prevailing cliche: A coffeeshop full of self-serious hipsters, showing off their sins under a thin layer of metaphor and forced rhyme. We've all been to those nights, right? A bizarro confession booth where it's the preachers putting themselves up for a grope?

Yeah, Speakeasy's totally nothing like that ever, almost. But this month, we're wearing the caricature, because the theme for March is Crime and Punishment. Court's in session, writers, so you bring the evidence and we'll bring the verdict - just like always, only more so. Our poets and proclaimers are invited to name names, point fingers, and generally lawyer up with their tales of guilt and innocence. Just remember, you won't go to jail for the writing, but it's Will's Pub - we can't guarantee anything beyond that. Get your briefs in order and head down there at the usual third Tuesday starting time of 9-ish pm on March 20.

Objections? Overruled.

- Tod