Wednesday, March 9, 2011

April 19: The Unnatural Edition

Holy crap, do we have a lot of people to thank for this past Speakeasy. Great crowd and consistently solid readers, not least of which were our last-minute guests from Burrow Press. Special thanks to Ryan Rivas, Jana Waring and Gene Albamonte for dropping by. We'll be seeing them again, with any luck. Little taste of what you missed? Head over to Jana's blog for the full text of Gene's offering for The Divine Edition.

Bit of a long breather between Speakeasies this time, owing to an early week for March. Plenty of time for you to tackle the theme for April, then: Man vs. Nature. Thanks to Arnie Ellis and Curtis Meyer for this one, in which we turn for inspiration to that mother of all mothers ... Gaia. Like most moms, she has her hot flashes, occasionally smothers us and has an amaaaazing rack.

No, wait. That's your Mom. Anyway. Earth week or no earth week, April 19 is the day to show that bitch what's up. Writers are challenged to address the theme of conflict against the natural world. What animal would you most like to fight? What fast-food franchise would best serve the rainforest? You get the idea. And to really rub it in, you should go ahead and write your piece on a dead tree.

April 19! 9:30! Will's Pub, where else?


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Divine Edition

Good Lord, it's been a long time between updates. And speaking of the Lord ... Speakeasy comes at you a week early this month with The Divine Edition. March 8, the monthly theme is religion. Why? Hey, the last few themes (sex, murder) have been something everybody can agree on. Let's get something in there that might start a war or two, shall we?

In the meantime (or post-time, in case I end up sleeping on this blog for another month), feel free to send in any pics from Speakeasies past, or even poems and stories if you don't mind throwing them out there. I'll post 'em up and we can all see how they look in the cold light of morning.

Keep on,