Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sept. 17: The Outraged Edition

Maybe it's your host's relatively advanced years, but over here at Speakeasy, we're done wondering why we can't all like the same stuff. If everybody loved Jeebus, sure, we'd be a lot more peaceful (and frustrated, which is another conversation). But the number of people who love Kanye West is a lot smaller, and look what it's done to that guy. Vive le difference.

No, what we wanna know is why we can't all get together on the things we hate anymore. Even Miley Cyrus! (Last time you'll see her name here, we promise.) Universally hateable performance at that pointless awards show, right? Apparently not. We can't even agree on what her exact sins are: Racism? Sleaze? Teaching our kids to masturbate incorrectly? Lack of talent? (For the record, the only answer that counts is always "D".)

Just as the VMAs are an inappropriate forum for popular taste, Speakeasy is mighty ill-suited to building consensus. But what the hell, let's give it a go. For September 17, we want to know What Offends You. Whether it's the administration's tolerance of Syrian atrocities or The View's tolerance of Jenny McCarthy, let's fling some literary poop on it. After all this time together, this may be our greatest challenge yet: Offending each other. Third Tuesday of the month as usual, 9 pm sharpish at Will's Pub.

- Tod