Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's alive!

Thanks to all the cool kids who've been coming out lately! It's always nice when your host feels like he's earned his free beers.

Many, many cool things happening this month, both inside and out of Will's. As of this post, we're running Speakeasy uninterrupted through July, and there's a couple tangent events that I won't be too proud to plug here. Especially keep July 28 free, and you may want to eat a big dinner. We're gonna dry up some kegs; that's about all I can tell you at this point. There will even be some sort of literary excuse for doing so.

If you want to keep apprised of Speakeasy-related hoopla, your best bet is to look up your host Tod Caviness on Facebook. Please message me in the friend request, though - I'm picky about the invite stuff, my memory is awful bad on Wednesday mornings and them Facebook thumbnails of your face are awful small. You can also drop me an email at valis_jr at yahoo. Either way, I promise to pester you no more than once a week with event invites.

Oh, you want actual content? Sorry; I get carried away. How 'bout this snazzy flier Step Aside Butch made for us? Look for it on your finer Orlando coffee shelves and bathroom floors:

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