Monday, July 9, 2012

July 17: The Revolting Edition

Oh no. We promised ourselves we weren't going to do it and here we are. July. Smack in the middle of the most patriotic month there is. Still hung over on Milwaukee's Best and Oscar Meyer's worst. Eyes dizzy from fireworks and loud clothes. We told ourselves that Speakeasy just wasn't the place for politics, but in a state like this, how can we resist the easy option? Goddammit, we never take the easy road. We never pander.

But damned if all this nationalistic hoo-rah hasn't got us more entitled than usual. Yearning for some good old-fashioned bar griping. Easily susceptible to suggestions from Speakeasy barflies like Trevor Fraser. And that's why the theme for July is Oppression.

You know you are, right? Oppressed? Oh, sure. You may think you're free, America. Sitting there watching your Real Housewives of Miami, eating Funyuns off your erection. See, this is why you need writers. You need folks like us to tell you this is just like Burma, only without all the beheading and stuff. So rise up, writers of Speakeasy! Give the people your songs of freedom denied! Crack open your beers and feed la resistance! Poets, this is your chance. Use the word revolution as much as you like without fear of defenestration*!

Tuesday, July 17, 9:30 p.m. at Will's Pub, people. They can take our homes, our rights and even our lives, but they'll never take our beer. Or our whine.

- Tod

*Kneecapping will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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