Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dec. 16: The Gifted Edition

Yea, and the three wise men did look to the north, where a bright star glittered on the horizon. And one of the wise men squinted unto that star, and spake unto the rest, saying, "Hold up, that's just the sign over Will's Pub." And being wise men, the three did bail upon Bethlehem, to partake of much wickedness and prose at that first Speakeasy spoken word night.

That's how we remember it, anyway. So this December, let's commemorate the Christmas arrival of those three charitable dudes, who totally left their frankincense behind in the sound booth. (Casey tried to snort it, and his septum hasn't been the same since.) Our first gift to you: The painfully easy theme of Christmas. The second: Our annual Whiteful Frightful Elephant Book Exchange! Every reader at Speakeasy on Dec. 16 gets a free book. The catch: You have to choose them from the mystery pile of books left by your host and fellow readers, who as regulars know are all horrible people. Got a book to inflict? Wrap it up all shiny and bring it along, then share some literary cheer. Get on our list (and the naughty one) at 9 p.m. Dec. 16, right under the eternal mistletoe at Will's Pub.

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