Sunday, February 8, 2015

Feb. 17: The Magical Edition

Look deep into our eyes, don't break the circle and keep your hands on the planchette.

We hairless apes have believed in a lot of crazy things since we stopped flinging poop: Gods and demons. The Fountain of Youth. The Atkins diet. The innocence of OJ Simpson. And how? Language. This crazy quilt of grunts and squeals has allowed us to convey hidden truths - and hide the smell on all kinds of bullshit. To put it simply, language is sorcery. Which is why the theme for the February edition of Orlando's most immortal spoken word night is Magic. Because all spells are spoken, and somewhere in this alphabet of sigils is the combination that will save your soul - or at least get you laid.

Presto chango, abracadabra, klaatu nikto barada: You're all poetry fans. See? It's as easy as that. To remove the curse, just bring some eye of newt, one live chicken and your most conveniently available horcrux to Will's Pub at 9 p.m.-ish on Tuesday, Feb. 17. Admission is free as always, but the beer selection has been known to make your mad money disappear.


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