Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 24: The Lucky Edition

For the tl;dr crowd: Orlando's least regular open mike spoken word night will be on March 24 this month. That's a week late, because March 17 is reserved for a drinking holiday so severe that we can't have any poets around being coherent and spoiling it for everybody else. Fair enough. (If you're still inclined to head to Will's that night, we hear there's a pretty good horn section involved.)

Now then: Speaking of St. Paddy's Day, the theme for Speakeasy will be Luck. Come along and suffer as our writers haul out the literary slings and arrows and let fly with tales of outrageous fortune - either good or bad. Or they'll just read whatever they brought that night and pretend that's what it's about, like always. Admittedly, it's a pretty vague topic, and you know what? We're darn lucky to have them read either way. Awww.

The night, as always, is free and open to whatever you got. Straighten that tam o'shanter, grab your leprechaun-kickin' boots and be timely: The banshees begin a'wailin' around 9 p.m. Tuesday, March 24 at Will's Pub.

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